My very 1st post!

Well world, here I am. I’m not sure what the topic of 1-sided conversation shall be. If it shall be anything other than a stay at home Mom’s ramblings and thoughts of day to day life. I have to admit its pretty hectic, yet nothing much really goes on.  Diapers, bottles and wipes are the tools of my trade. Naptimes are some of the times in my life now. Oh, the days before 2 am feedings… Well those days are gone now. Somehow the time has flown and now I have a 17 month old.  The quiet space that I once had is now filled with the sounds of  little feet running around the house. Itsy Bitsy spider, Patty Cake, and ” what sound does the cow make?” MOOO he says.  Dada… Dad… Dad… Dad. My once treasured hours of reading a good book are now filled with treasured minutes of books like Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? Peek -a- Boo Pup, and How does a Dinosaur count to 10?  He loves to be outside, which isn’t a big surprise. We are country living people so the outside has lots to offer a young, growing mind. Lots of smells, things to touch, bugs to poke at.  A sand box to drive trucks, tractors and the occasional taste test is always needed.  A swing under the shade tree, going to check cows with Daddy or Grandpa.  A trip to Granny’s house, which isn’t much of a trip. Granny lives about 10 minutes away. She always has something to do!  Brush the horses, go for a ride. Watch Grandpa trim, and shoe them. Chase the barn cats, play in the dirt.  I am of the firm belief that dirt, dogs and bugs grow pretty healthy and happy little boys.  And girls.. I just have one of those yet to test my therory!   It has done mine a world of good!  He is a tough little booger. I guess he has to be. All his cousins are older, several years older. He tags along as much as he can, or as much as I will let him. I’m a pretty laid back mother. Be that good, bad or indifferent.  I’m not one to run to the Dr. the ER, or to him everytime he falls. 

Well this is the basic life I lead. Dirt, bugs, dogs, horses, and cows. Swings and sandboxes. Tractors, dozers, and grain trucks. Hunting, fishing and home cooked meals. To me this is the ideal life.  I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world. When you lay in your bed at night and hear the crickets and frogs singing their late night songs, not planes, trains, cars, and buses.  The summer breeze floats into your room, with the smell of grass, possibly the rain. I know that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  Ah, the country life.  Ain’t it grand? 🙂

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